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Could you be considered a Vermonter?

Vermonters care about what’s happening worldwide, but they are likely more concerned about what’s happening in their own backyard. We were raised to mind our own business and by doing so we could live next to a neighbor with whom we may have some disagreements, but still get along OK.





And the Winner Is……….

Contestants had to write a 500-word essay on why they wanted to live in an energy-efficient house, as well as explain how they’d help build community in Rutland. The prize? A brand-new, 1,500-square foot, fossil-fuel-free home, complete with solar panels, heat pumps and an electric vehicle charger.

Lucas Hough and Martin Schreiner stand on the front porch of their new home in Rutland. The couple beat out more than 160 other applicants to win the house in a contest sponsored by Green Mountain Power and the city of Rutland.



Coffee, Tea, or IoT

News from the IoT (Internet of Things).  It’s a coffee delivery drone that can sense when you are tired and automatically deliver coffee to you. Or you could use hand gestures to call for a coffee delivery.

IBM patents Drone Delivery of Coffee based On A Cognitive State of an Individual


Help Wanted – VT Schools

Looking for a change of pace and scenery?  Check out what the new Top Dog has on his mind.  https://vtdigger.org/2018/08/19/digger-dialogue-qa-ed-secretary-dan-french/

An even rarer find? Library media specialists, school counselors and music teachers. All have shortages statewide. School nurses and Spanish teachers are also in high demand and short supply in eight different counties. There’s also a shortage of principals, as well as Latin, French, health, education technology and design technology teachers in select counties.

Check out the interactive Openings by County

Lifestyles of the Freedom-Loving Feline

Parents sometimes cushion the blow of a beloved pet’s death by telling their kids something like, “Mr. Wiggles has gone to live on a farm in the country.” As a ruse, it might or might not work, but the Humane Society of Chittenden County is actually doing just that: sending cats that otherwise might be euthanized to barns.


Confession: This was my theme song growing up.  Somehow, I let myself get beaten down and am now suddenly reminded of it and tremendously rejuvenated.  And yes, I realize that this will both elicit joy combined with trepidation (Now what will he do next?!) on the part of those who have stuck with me (some maybe on/off) over the years.  😊  To them I say, “At least you won’t be bored!”

If Jules Verne Built a Data Center

It’s Microsoft’s Project Natick, an experimental undersea data center off the coast of Scotland.

It has 12 racks containing 864 standard Microsoft datacenter servers and has enough storage for about 5 million movies.

Spencer Fowers, senior member of technical staff for Microsoft’s special projects research group, prepares Project Natick’s Northern Isles datacenter for deployment off the coast of the Orkney Islands in Scotland. The datacenter is secured to a ballast-filled triangular base that rests on the seafloor. Photo by Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures.

There are also 2 underwater fish cams.

More at Microsoft.

Roughing It

Have friends who are into glamping?


  • Unique structure
  • Immediate access to the outdoors (as opposed to a hotel lobby)
  • All of the comfort of a hotel (at the very least a bed and hot water)


Or in other words:
It’s a way to experience the untamed and completely unique parts of the world—without having to sacrifice creature comforts.

Then here’s a perfect gift to help keep them connected – a $599.95 battery with 428 watt-hour capacity, to power lights, USB devices—even a mini fridge.

There’s an App for That – Birth Control

FDA allows marketing of first direct-to-consumer app for contraceptive use to prevent pregnancy.  

The app, called Natural Cycles, contains an algorithm that calculates the days of the month a woman is likely to be fertile based on daily body temperature readings and menstrual cycle information, a method of contraception called fertility awareness. Designed for mobile devices, it is intended for use in pre-menopausal women aged 18 and older.


Culture: Burning Man Edition

If you ever considered attending Burning Man, but didn’t find a week in the desert appealing, now you only have to endure Washington, DC.

The Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery has a large-scale, participatory work from the desert gathering. The exhibition takes over the entire Renwick Gallery building and surrounding Golden Triangle neighborhood, bringing alive the maker culture and creative spirit of this cultural movement.



Slower Times – 1903

Would you bet $50 you could drive across the country in less than 3 months in this?

In 1903, Horatio Nelson Jackson, left, and his mechanic and sometimes chauffeur Sewell Crocker became the first to drive an automobile across the United States. With them is Bud, a dog they adopted along the way. Photo courtesy of UVM Special Collections/Bailey-Howe Library
Bud, complete with goggles.