Help Wanted – VT Schools

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An even rarer find? Library media specialists, school counselors and music teachers. All have shortages statewide. School nurses and Spanish teachers are also in high demand and short supply in eight different counties. There’s also a shortage of principals, as well as Latin, French, health, education technology and design technology teachers in select counties.

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Lifestyles of the Freedom-Loving Feline

Parents sometimes cushion the blow of a beloved pet’s death by telling their kids something like, “Mr. Wiggles has gone to live on a farm in the country.” As a ruse, it might or might not work, but the Humane Society of Chittenden County is actually doing just that: sending cats that otherwise might be euthanized to barns.

Confession: This was my theme song growing up.  Somehow, I let myself get beaten down and am now suddenly reminded of it and tremendously rejuvenated.  And yes, I realize that this will both elicit joy combined with trepidation (Now what will he do next?!) on the part of those who have stuck with me (some maybe on/off) over the years.  😊  To them I say, “At least you won’t be bored!”