Lifestyles of the Freedom-Loving Feline

Parents sometimes cushion the blow of a beloved pet’s death by telling their kids something like, “Mr. Wiggles has gone to live on a farm in the country.” As a ruse, it might or might not work, but the Humane Society of Chittenden County is actually doing just that: sending cats that otherwise might be euthanized to barns.

Confession: This was my theme song growing up.  Somehow, I let myself get beaten down and am now suddenly reminded of it and tremendously rejuvenated.  And yes, I realize that this will both elicit joy combined with trepidation (Now what will he do next?!) on the part of those who have stuck with me (some maybe on/off) over the years.  😊  To them I say, “At least you won’t be bored!”