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Could you be considered a Vermonter?

Vermonters care about what’s happening worldwide, but they are likely more concerned about what’s happening in their own backyard. We were raised to mind our own business and by doing so we could live next to a neighbor with whom we may have some disagreements, but still get along OK.





And the Winner Is……….

Contestants had to write a 500-word essay on why they wanted to live in an energy-efficient house, as well as explain how they’d help build community in Rutland. The prize? A brand-new, 1,500-square foot, fossil-fuel-free home, complete with solar panels, heat pumps and an electric vehicle charger.

Lucas Hough and Martin Schreiner stand on the front porch of their new home in Rutland. The couple beat out more than 160 other applicants to win the house in a contest sponsored by Green Mountain Power and the city of Rutland.



Coffee, Tea, or IoT

News from the IoT (Internet of Things).  It’s a coffee delivery drone that can sense when you are tired and automatically deliver coffee to you. Or you could use hand gestures to call for a coffee delivery.

IBM patents Drone Delivery of Coffee based On A Cognitive State of an Individual